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Urszula Ledzewicz Dept. One of them is the choice of the objective whose main goal should be to properly represent the medical goal of the treatment. A common pitfall among researchers is putting simple and manageable mathematics ahead of this goal which leads to various conceptual errors. Another challenge is the construction of the full synthesis of solutions which is seldomly done and numerical simulations based on the particular choice of the parameters to which the solutions are often quite sensitive are being claimed to be optimal.

Another problem faced is that the Maximum Principle only provides necessary conditions for optimality and to claim optimality some kind of sufficiency argument has to be provided.

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Additional challenges arise when we want to model combination therapies which lead to multi-input optimal control problems when not only the dosage needs to be determined, but also the sequencing, quite relevant for the overall effectiveness. Finally, we will close with some comments about realizability of the theoretically optimal protocols and what really the pharmaceutical industry expects from mathematicians working in this field.

The seminar will be held online via gotomeeting program. The outline of the presentation is as follows. In the introduction, the principles underlying the most popular AM technologies will be briefly discussed. Then, the results of the inter-laboratory test on reproducibility of sound- absorbing periodic porous materials made using different AM technologies and devices will be presented.

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The last part of the lecture will be devoted to a composite absorber with a periodic microstructure adaptable to different anticipated noise conditions, manufactured with the use of fused filament fabrication, i. For uncharged pairs of settling particles even if stationary relative positions exist they are at best neutrally stable.

These stationary relative positions always have particle centers in line with or orthogonal to gravity. Further, the set of initial conditions which give rise to orbits such that uncharged particles do rozmazać człon do montażu separate over time is small. Charged particles sedimenting under gravity in a Stokes flow can have stable stationary relative positions. It will be seen that the particle centers at these stable doublets can be in line with the direction of gravity rozmazać człon do montażu inclined.

Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of stable doublets to exist are given in both cases. The basin of attraction of the stable stationary state rozmazać człon do montażu be shown to be infinite in measure. This holds even if the charge is relatively small.

Examples are given when the basin of attraction is large in cross section compared with the sum of particle radii. Jedzenie dla silnej erekcji physical parameters of the system - such as the ratio of reduced radii, density, characteristic electrostatic to characteristic gravitational forces, and ratio of Stokes velocities - are explored to find bounds for stable and non-overlapping doublets in parameter space.

Rozmazać człon do montażu is shown that, for a stable stationary state to exist, the particles must have different radii and charges of opposite sign.

Rozmazać człon do montażu the particle centers are aligned with gravity there are examples where the isolated larger particle could have greater or lower Stokes velocity than the smaller one, but inclined particle centers can only form a doublet if the isolated larger particle would sediment faster than the smaller particle. These results are obtained by a bifurcation approach, so-called realization of vector field methods. They show that many dissipative systems are capable to generate all kinds of structurally stable dynamics including chaotic ones such as Anosov flows, Smale horseshoes etc.

We also consider applications to morphogenesis. This is due to modern lightweight design strategy which triggers reduced structural weight while preserving the high mechanics performances; reduced fuel consumption and consequent reduced NOx emission; and increased design flexibility compared to traditional isotropic materials.

On the other side, digital additive manufacturing AM, commonly referred to as 3D printing has also emerged as a relatively new and booming technological concept. A method of extreme interest for further development and innovation due to its potential to bring complete modification of the production chain; with no need for complex tooling and reduced need for auxiliary manufacturing systems, which translates into less associated costs, more efficient resources usage, and positive environment impact; technology adapted to low production rates, at yet competitive costs; offering the possibility to produce complex assemblies with fewer parts and fewer joining elements; in a more flexible manner, being able to rapidly apply changes to rozmazać człon do montażu design, meeting thus the needs of a more and more dynamic market; resulting in almost zero manufacturing waste; advanced human-machine interaction in a compact and predominantly automated and computer controlled environment for integrated design and manufacturing; which make this new manufacturing technology have a direct track to the market and to industrial applications.

On this background, the research proposed here aims to bring together the aforementioned modern technological concepts, namely the high-performance lightweight CFRC including both PMC and CMC and the AM as the manufacturing method for the composite parts. Rozmazać człon do montażu develop new materials and technologies for the AM of high-performance CFRC parts operating under severe thermo-mechanical loading conditions.

To provide thus the frame build the know-how, develop the technology, assess properties brak erekcji w potu performances, investigate applicability and limitations which would open the door towards using the 3D printed CFRC composites as an alternative to CFRC manufactured through classical methods.

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An interdisciplinary approach needs to be deployed in order to achieve the aforementioned objective. The research covers emerging topics in materials research and innovation and related production technologies. Both areas of advanced materials and advanced rozmazać człon do montażu have been classified as Key Enabling Technologies at the level of EU research strategy.

The long term economic impact of the research is expected at the levels of technology development and production of the value chain, deploying the inherent advantages of the digital AM.

New products composite 3D printers together with the feedstock materials can be advanced to the market. This implies increased capacity of the relevant industry sectors which will rozmazać człon do montażu the newly developed products and technologies, more flexible and dynamic production, and more efficient usage of resources.

However, more specific aspects regarding the precise structure inside the shell, as well as the role that the RNA-RNA and RNA-capsid interactions play in the virus stability and assembly process, remain to be understood.

X-ray diffraction and cryo-EM experiments have given insight into the capsid geometry and provided a global picture of the spatial distribution of the genome, which can range from a disordered globule to a more structured coil in different viruses.

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Independently, theoretical approaches have pointed out the importance of the RNA secondary structure the complementary base pairs encoded in the sequence in the geometry of the encapsidated RNA. In order to elucidate the role of the internal RNA structure in the RNA-capsid interaction from a more detailed, three-dimensional perspective, we have studied the adsorption properties of a set of representative fragments of the Satellite Tobacco Mosaic Virus STMV over a flat attractive surface by means of coarse-grained Monte Carlo simulations.

Under rozmazać człon do montażu approach, it is possible to add or remove secondary structure restraints, and compare the adsorption efficiency of structured and unstructured versions of the same model fragments. The analysis of the adsorption free energy profiles leads to the identification of two well-distinguished adsorption regimes, rozmazać człon do montażu can be rationalized with the help of analytical results obtained from the polymer theory of ideal chains.

Along the same lines, we propose a methodology na początku nie było dobrej erekcji designing three-dimensional decoy models of large RNA molecules from the sole knowledge of their sequence and secondary structure, which we usunięto wiedeń na penisie employed in the generation of nucleotide-resolution models of the whole STMV genome.

On the other hand, the experimentally more relevant long-time diffusion coefficient is independent of the reference point, but its estimation usually requires computationally expensive Brownian dynamics simulations. Here we show how to obtain a precise estimate of the long-time diffusion coefficient for non-rigid macromolecules in a fast and robust manner, without invoking Brownian dynamics.

This poses a fundamental systems immunology question: How do robust immune responses emerge from heterogeneous, apparently random, single cell behaviour?

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To understand the regulation of antibacterial innate immune responses we use mathematical modelling and single cell biology approaches including microscopy and genomics. In this talk I will discuss recent analyses from the lab which demonstrate how the response variability is controlled in the toll-like-receptor system and how it contributes to the infection outcomes of Listeria monocytogenes, an important food-borne bacterial pathogen of man.


State-of-the-art of contemporary climate. Heat waves in 21st century in Europe. Changes in the precipitation regime due to warmer atmosphere and oceans. What we are already observing and what the near future can bring. For instance, in NiTi strips under uniaxial tension and in isothermal conditions, the transformation typically initiates by a deformation instability shear band and advances by propagating planar interfaces.

More complex transformation patterns have been observed in the experiments of NiTi tubes under uniaxial tension, bending or combined loading conditions.

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Rozmazać człon do montażu focus of the present talk will be on modeling the propagating instabilities in pseudoelastic NiTi tubes under combined tension--torsion loading conditions. A rozmazać człon do montażu study regarding the associated apparent transformation yield locus is also presented. Moreover, a glance of our very recent results regarding the importance and the effect of the dissipation associated with the reorientation of martensite is provided. This was theoretically shown by ZieglerBeckReutamong many others see the review by Elishakoff, However, the practical realization of these nonconservative forces was considered extremely difficult and often declared impossible.

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It will be shown in the talk, both theoretically and experimentally, how to obtain follower forces of the Ziegler type and related instabilities by exploiting Coulomb friction, a result which sheds light on the interplay between friction and instability Bigoni and Noselli, We will introduce forces acting on a fixed line and explain how these can be realized to demonstrate instabilities Bigoni and Misseroni, It will finally be shown that flutter and divergence instabilities including Hopf bifurcation and destabilizing effects connected to dissipation phenomena can be obtained in structural systems loaded by conservative forces, as a consequence of the application of non-holonomic constraints.

The motion of the structure produced by these dynamic instabilities may reach a limit cycle, a feature that can be exploited for soft robotics applications, especially for the realization of limbless locomotion Rozmazać człon do montażu et al. References Beck, M. Bigoni, D. Tommasini, M. Solids Solids 59, Cazzolli, A. Elishakoff, I. Koiter, W. Sound Vib. Reut, V. Ziegler, H. BIO: Davide Bigoni is a mechanician working in solid and structural mechanics and material modeling, wave propagation, fracture mechanics.

His approach to research is the employment of a broad vision of mechanics, with a combination of mathematical modelling, numerical simulation, and experimental validation.

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From Davide Bigoni holds a professor position at the University of Trento, where he is leading a group of excellent researchers in the field of Solid and Structural Mechanics. He has authored or co-authored more than journal papers and has published a book on nonlinear Solid Mechanics. He has been awarded an ERC advanced grant in He has been guest lecturer for the Midwest Mechanics Seminars inhe is fellow of the Accademia di Scienze e Lettere of Milan from An anniversary issue of the Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids has been dedicated to him in He is co-editor of the Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures and associate Editor of Mechanics Research Communications and in the editorial board of 8 international journals.

Here, we present a characterization of the conformational space of the SARS-CoV-2 spike S protein aided by all-atom molecular dynamics simulation and a coarse grained approach for calculation of the most relevant interactions. This protein possesses a receptor-binding domain RBD that binds to surface cell receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2—ACE2 and then triggers the rozmazać człon do montażu of viral and host cell membranes.

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Our studies highlight the nanomechanical stability of the RBD protein [1]. Also, we discuss the energetic difference of S protein conformations via the mapping of the hydration free energy by the Poisson-Boltzmann method [2].

We expect our results foster the discussions of the number of RBD involved during cellular recognition, quantification and discussion of the free energy barrier from closed to open conformation and the development of novel druggable binding sites for disruption of the SARS-CoV-2 S stability.

Virtual Tissues are an approach to constructing quantitative, predictive mechanistic models starting from cell behaviors and combining subcellular molecular rozmazać człon do montażu models, the physical and mechanical behaviors of cells and the longer range effects of the extracellular environment. I will illustrate these approaches in: 1 the pattern of viral replication, spread and cellular immune response in epithelial tissue, 2 the development of blood vessels and its effect on Choroidal Neovascularization CNV in Age-Related Macular Degeneration the most common cause of blindness among the elderly and in Diabetic Retinopathy, 3 the disorganization of normal tubular structure which occurs in Polycystic Kidney Disease, which leads to overgrowth and eventual kidney failure, and 4 toxin-induced damage in the liver.

Glazier received his B. His research focuses on experimental and computational approaches to pattern formation in embryology. PAN, W. Debski Institute of Geophysics, PAS How nature speaks about imminent catastrophic failure - the DEM analysis It has recently been reported that the equal load sharing fiber bundle model redicts the rate of change of the elastic energy stored in the bundle reaches its maximum before catastrophic failure occurs, making it a possible predictor for imminent collapse.

W siódmej części kursu wideo pokazujemy montaż i efekty specjalne w HitFilm Express Prezentujemy na przykład, jak animować fotografie, czy dodać efekt deszczu Kolejne części Kursu wideo będą publikowane w każdy czwartek Więcej takich tematów znajdziesz na stronie głównej Onet. Ma między innymi podobny układ modułów. Pobierz program HitFilm Express W lewym dolnym rogu programu jest pięć zakładek: Media A — moduł do importowania plików, Effects B — okno z efektami i przejściami, Controls C — moduł służący do parametryzacji użytych efektów i przejść, History D — historia wykonanych w programie czynności, oraz Text E — moduł do tworzenia tekstu w filmie.

The fiber bundle model does not contain central mechanisms that often play an important role in failure processes such as localization. Thus, rozmazać człon do montażu is an obvious question whether a similar phenomenon is observed in more realistic systems.

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We address this question using the discrete element method to simulate breaking of a thin tissue subjected to a stretching load. Our simulations confirm that for a class of virtual materials which respond to stretching with a well-pronounced peak in force, its derivative and elastic energy we always observe an existence of the maximum of the elastic energy change rate prior to maximum loading force.

At the micro-scale, the transformation proceeds through formation and evolution of complex martensitic microstructures.

Scientific Activities

At the macro-scale, the overall response of polycrystalline SMAs often exhibits softening, which leads to strain localization and inhomogeneous rozmazać człon do montażu in the form of Lüders-like bands or more complex transformation patterns, for instance, multi-prong interfaces observed in NiTi tubes under tension. Evolution of microstructure at the micro-scale and formation of transformation patterns at the macro-scale are both accompanied by nucleation, propagation and annihilation of interfaces.

Spatially-resolved modelling of the corresponding phenomena can be efficiently carried out using the diffuse-interface approach. In this talk, our recent related results will be summarized. The phase-field method has been applied to rozmazać człon do montażu the martensitic microstructures at the micro-scale with the focus on size effects, rate-independent dissipation, and microstructure evolution during nano-indentation.

In order to model strain localization and transformation patterning in polycrystalline NiTi, a macroscopic model of SMA employing a gradient enhancement has been developed along with a micromorphic-like regularization that facilitates the finite-element implementation.

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Finite-element simulations of representative 3D problems illustrate that the model correctly represents the loading-rate effects and complex transformation patterns in NiTi tube under tension. Application to electrodeposited copper During the seminar I would like to present the results obtained using the recent implementation of the elastic-viscoplastic self-consistent code.

As I expect the audience to have various backgrounds I will try to do my best in order to briefly explain the crystal plasticity theory in the simplest possible way in the beginning of the talk.

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